Photo taken by Vivian Ennis

Photo taken by Vivian Ennis

A Poem written by Vivian Ennis 11/03/2020

I saved myself
when I found you
I saved my self
with the truth

I accepted your energy
then flew free like a dove
I felt you and me merging
accepting unconditional love

I could not find myself
because I could not see
There was so much talk of hell
I felt I would never be free

I found you inside of me
not far away
You were never apart I now see
you had been there always

I used to look outward for you but never inside of me I was told…

Picture taken by Vivian Ennis of a picture of my parents

A Poem Written By Vivian Ennis 09/23/2020

There is pain in growth while dealing
where there is a past there must be healing
There must be a new beginning and an end
To the life you live now and a past you must mend

There will be a time when you finally let go
of the pain in your past that has hurt you so
Just when you think you are all done with this
a new memory comes in that you may have missed

The healing begins again but deeper this time as memories that you are healing start…

Painting & Photo taken by Vivian Ennis

Photo taken By Vivian Ennis of Vivian Ennis

A Poem Written by Vivian Ennis 04/09/2020

I saw your picture online
It was to small to see
I looked at it over and over
looking at it so deeply

I still could not see your face
No matter how hard I tried
I dreamed of you and me
Walking side by side

I knew you were a stranger
But that did not curb my interest
I did not feel any danger
Still wondering if there was something to this

I wondered if you were lonely Or if you were happy in your life I was not sure if you…

Photo Taken & beads Made by Vivian Ennis

Photo taken by Vivian Ennis

Photo made for Vivian Ennis

Photo Taken By Vivian Ennis

Photo taken & colored by Vivian Ennis

Vivian Ennis

I love writing everything from poetry to thoughts about life ! Some old and new words to share. I am not religious but spiritual referring to God in my work!

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